Land Transport

Our fleet for land transport includes but not limited to: All types of trucks, trailers & tippers to cater any transportation requirements, facility of Lo-bed trailers for transportation of oversized Equipment and heavy cargo, Bulk transportation of cement, gravel, container transportation of all types. are at service to carry out the task with the highest level of efficiency and satisfaction.

Equipment Hire

We offer a wide range of machinery and requirements to fulfill the project needs of the local market. We provide short or long term rentals of equipment with an option of with or without operator. Having an in-house maintenance workshop with relative infrastructure and the ability to offer the most optimized cost -effective solutions

Material Supply

By representing various Crushers and quarries HIGH CLASS has become a leading supplier of stone and gravel in region, We supply all types of crusher materials within the UAE and neighboring Gulf countries. We offer a variety of top-quality aggregate products for construction, building, and development projects

About Us

After initial success and growth; the company was re-structured to match the aspirations of its main shareholder. Committed to continued growth, the company is integrating many state-of-the-arts processes and advanced systems, to further streamline the customer experience. ​

Following a complete corporate restructuring, establishing and implementing a number of best-practice corporate governance measures and latest technologies to ensure transparency, accountability, and to serve the needs of our Valuable clients, ​

Today, the company is a leading provider of trucking transportation and logistics solutions, which handles hundreds of shipping transactions daily, with numbers consistently rising. High Class’s employees stand firmly behind their mission to provide superior support to serve their customers and handle all types of shipment needs. ​

With a vibrant UAE economy and strong growth across the region, the outlook for High Class looks brighter than ever and we invite all our customers, business partners, investors, Joint Ventures , and employees to join us on our journey toward 2020.

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